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Where To Begin When Planning A Wedding

When first becoming engaged and deciding to tie the knot, you should remember who you are. This remembrance will help determine the size and place to hold the event. If you and your families are well established in the community, then the wedding would probably be best held locally versus a destination wedding. The venue and/or church should be able to accommodate the crowd. Everyone’s taste is different, so look around. If you want an outdoor event, you probably don’t need to consider a church or a winter wedding. If an outdoor event is your thing, remember weather can cause a great deal of worry. Make sure plan B is available at no extra cost.

Pick a date for your wedding

Unless the event date is commiserating some past anniversary, be flexible. When contacting the venue, don’t ask about specific dates, such as March 15. Instead, ask for the availability in early spring. You get the venue of choice and sometimes good deals because you were willing to be flexible.

Look for your wedding dress and other apparel for the event

After picking the venue, look for the wedding dress, groom’s clothing as well as the bridesmaids and groomsmen clothing. The clothing should be in coordination with the venue. If you plan to get married in a barn or a backyard, a cathedral style wedding dress might not work as well.

Find out what the venue already provides for the event

Before purchasing centerpieces, find out what the venue already provides. There is no need to duplicate and spend money when you can use products for free. Be careful about hidden cost at a venue. The original price might seem low until the extra costs are added. Some examples of extra costs could be chairs, tables, linens, centerpieces, set up and clean up.

If the venue offers something that you would rather provide yourself, such as catering, photography, cake, or music, ask about the flexibility. Sometimes you should go with the credible professional that has already been tested, versus depending on friends and family to accomplish your dream wedding.

However, if it is tradition that your family has always made the wedding cake, use your family. Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings if they want to give you their service. Don’t assume; however, that they want to work at your wedding. Just because grandma can bake, doesn’t mean she will want to. She might just want to be a guest who is served and not have the pressure of making the perfect wedding cake.

Realizing these are just a few of the questions you will have, come to Today’s Memories, where we have a professional staff that can walk you through the entire event planning. Make an appointment and come pick our brains! Give us a call today at (806) 622-3331 or Contact Us via email. You can also visit us in person at 16000 South Georgia St. in Amarillo, Texas.