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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of having an event at Today’s Memories?

Depends on what you want. We can offer you a one stop shop or you can pick and choose what services you would like. Call us to make an appointment to discuss cost. We don’t display on the web what our costs are because it’s private what you spend on your event.

Can we choose other catering for our event?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. Our meals are really good and beautiful. Families want to attend their celebrations, not serve their celebrations. Let our staff do the labor for you so all of you can enjoy the day instead of having to work. If you do choose to do your own, the food needs to be already prepared off site. There is not a kitchen available. The dishes, serving bowls, silverware, drink services, set up, clean up, food table linens, and decorations, need to be brought in and taken off site at the time the event is over. It is much easier to use us for catering

Can we use other decorations for our event?

You are welcome to use anything we have at no additional cost. If you want to bring in your own centerpieces and decorations it is no problem as long as it can be accomplished within the 4 hour time allotment, that the decorations do not deface the event center, and are removed from event center at the end of the event time allotment.

Can we use other DJs or bands for our event?

Absolutely, they are allowed to bring in their own equipment 4 hours prior to the event, and remove it 30 minutes before the event is over.

Can we use other bartenders for our event?

No. Our bartender service provides not just the server, but a frozen drink machine and mix, the extra insurance, the keg containers, the keg pumps, set up and clean up. The bartender is not allowed to take tips, it’s a wedding not a bar.

Do you accept tips?

Absolutely not. It is our pleasure and job to serve you at your memorable event.

Is tax included in the cost of the event?

Yes. Unfortunately, we must give unto Caesar. At our location, our tax rate is only 6.75 percent.

At what times can I have my event?

The time and date of the celebration are whenever the bride and groom would like, if available. We have learned that nothing good happens after midnight, so the event is over before 12:00 a.m. unless previously arranged otherwise. The average time is 5 hours for the event including departure. This does not include the rehearsal or the 4 hours allowed before the event to get ready and have vendors bring their stuff. You want your guest wishing it could last longer, not dreading that it lasted too long.

When is the rehearsal?

Usually a day or two before the event. The time is at the bride and groom’s preference unless we are hosting another event. If another event is the day before yours, then we work around yours and our schedules.

Is the event location handicap accessible?


Do you have references?

You bet. Feel free to look on Facebook about what other folks from past events have said about us. If you want to talk to some of the people who have held their event with us, we will be glad to give references.

Do you accept credit cards?

No. We take cash, personal checks, and cashier’s checks.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, 700 dollars is required at the time of the booking. This deposit ensures that the date is taken off the calendar and is reserved for your event. Deposits are nonrefundable. The deposit is applied to the remaining balance due.

Do you have a payment schedule?

The full amount needs to be paid at least one month prior to the event.

What are your office hours?

Our office hours are by appointment only. They are usually afternoons and evenings or whenever an appointment is scheduled.

Where are you located?

16000 South Georgia. We are approximately 5 miles south of Loop 335. Turn onto Georgia. You will pass the Randall County Sheriffs office, pass the railroad tracks, pass McCormick Road, and go about 1.8 miles. You will see the large white gazebo on the west side of the road. That’s us. If you are traveling from the Canyon Drive (US 87/Interstate 27), turn east on Rockwell Road. You will cross the railroad tracks and go about 1.5 miles more until you hit Georgia street. Turn going north and turn in where the wooden fence is, cause that’s where the party is. See the map.