amarillo wedding venue

About Us

Today’s Memories is located at 16000 South Georgia St. in Amarillo, Texas, which is approximately 4 miles south of the loop (Hollywood Rd) off Georgia Street. We are located 3 miles East of Highway 287 off Rockwell Road.

We offer both outdoor facilities along with a climate controlled indoor event center. Depending on the time of year, we can accommodate 400 people and upwards during the warmer weather and 300 people during the colder months.

Round tables and white chairs are provided. If desired, a sweetheart table is also available. We have white, black, off white, and red floor length tablecloths. We provide numerous color choices of overlays including burlap. Plate chargers, mirrors, or wood planks are also available. Chair covers are allowed to be brought in, however, we have found them to be time consuming, and often dangerous. People tend to get caught in them.

The bride and groom are welcome to use any of the decorations we already own at no additional charge. There is an extremely large assortment from which to choose. Usually the bride and groom select their primary colors and decorations a couple of months prior to their event. When their special day arrives, they are able to come into the event center to find it has already been set up to meet or exceed their expectations.

We provide professional event coordination. We have been helping brides, grooms and their families facilitate weddings and receptions for over 30 years. We will show you how to get in and out of the service, where and how to stand at the service, who sits where, when parts of the ceremony are to happen, and more!

We provide professional wait staff. We display the food, cut the cake, serve the non- alcoholic drinks, set up and clean up the ceremony, light candles, serve cake and deserts.

A professional Disc Jockey (DJ) is available. Our DJ has provided music for over 300 ceremonies and events. He plays during the rehearsal, before the service, during the ceremony, during dinner, and throughout the dance. He acts as the master of ceremonies and announces the events that are about to happen. However, the DJ only talks whenever something needs to be announced. He lets the music speak for itself. He will play the type of music the bride and groom request and he will also take requests. He also helps set up the video equipment if the family wants to have a slide show. He has lots of lights and microphones for the events use. The bride and groom are welcome to hire their own DJ or live band whom must bring in their own equipment.

If the bridal couple chooses to have alcoholic beverages, a bartender will assure that people who are eligible to partake will be allowed to do so. The bartender will mix and serve the beverages the couple provides. We do not sell alcohol nor do we allow a cash bar. If a family chooses to have BYOB (bring your own bottle) at their event, they simply have their guests take their alcohol to the bartender, and they will be served the beverage. This helps control who is drinking, and the amount consumed. The small extra charge includes the bartender, frozen drink machine, margarita mix, the extra insurance cost, trash cans for the keg, pump for the keg, set up and clean up. You provide the alcohol, cups, set ups and ice.

We have provided the catering for hundreds of private events. Our buffet is presented in pewter and crystal bowls and platters. We have a variety of menus from which to choose. Your guests will be delighted with the quality and beauty of the meal. Along with the meal, tea, water, lemonade, and coffee will be provided throughout the event.

China dishes and silverware will be provided for the meal. Paper products will be used for the cake servings. Paper napkins are also provided.

Candies and cookies are displayed on a separate buffet. If the bride and groom wish to bring their own assortment of treats, they are welcome to use our lovely dishes to display it.

Today’s Memories has a large assortment of cake stands and cupcake holders for both the bride’s cake and the groom’s cake or deserts. We also provide cake knifes and dishes for the mints or candies served. There are also numerous decorations that can be used on the tables to link to most of the ceremonies’ themes.

Champagne holders and glasses are provided for the wedding party. If the bride and groom choose to bring their own, that is fine, however, there is no charge for using ours.

We can help coordinate with other vendors such as photographers, florists, other DJs, motels, officiants, invitations, and more!

The price to have in event at Today’s Memories varies depending on the amount of people planned on attending, the type of event being held, meal choices, alcohol, and date.

We offer discounts to military personal, church events, school events, fundraisers, and people who have booked frequent events. Call us and tell us your story in order to hear what we will provide for you. You will not be disappointed.

We want everyone to be happy and more importantly safe at the celebration. Children are most welcome; however, they must be supervised to ensure their safety.

The restrooms are handicap accessible.

A bride’s room is provided in order for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready.

If outside vendors are bringing cake, flowers, or musical instruments, 4 hours before the event is allocated. Flower arrangements and cake should be already made and mostly assembled off site in order to keep the facility looking clean and ready. Many of the brides bring their sign-in books and flowers to the event at the time of the rehearsal. This enables it to be set up prior to the event, so all the bride and her family have to worry about is making themselves more beautiful.