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Wedding Checklist

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Congratulations! – You have already made your wedding perfect by finding the person you want to share your life with! Share your wonderful news with your family and friends!

Dare to dream – By looking at magazines, guides, and websites, like Pinterest, you get an idea of what might be possible for your upcoming wedding.

Select the type of wedding – Big or small, indoor or outdoor, church, elegant, rustic, country. Selecting the type of wedding will help you to set a budget and pick a venue.

Make a budget – Set a firm budget from the beginning, and stick to it. Prioritize your needs and wants then adjust accordingly. By keeping to a realistic budget, you will eliminate a great deal of stress and ensure that your wedding remains focused on your love for your future spouse. Search the internet for ideas to make your dreams more affordable: using cloth flowers instead of real, finding a knockoff wedding dress that looks just like the designer. Before you purchase anything, find out what the venue has for you to use. Today’s Memories provides all of the decorations you might need, from tablecloths to centerpieces. Come see what we have to offer! Your guests won’t be able to tell how much you have spent on the wedding, but they will be able to see your happiness!

Select the wedding party – Call your bridesmaids and groomsmen and ask them to have a special place of honor for your big day!

Make a guest list – Draft a list of the family and friends you want to share in your day, then determine how many guests you can afford with your budget. Most venues and caterers charge per person. Continue to refine the guest list as you select a venue and determine capacity available for both the wedding ceremony and reception.

Select a venue – The venue must be able to accommodate the amount of guests and style of event you want. Find out the venue’s policy on alcohol, catering, music, and photography. Make sure to plan for contingencies. If the weather turns bad during your outdoor wedding, will your guests have a place to go? Is there plenty of parking for all guests? Is the location convenient? Today’s Memories can easily accommodate 350 guests, indoors or outdoors, and has a convenient location.

Pick the dress – Your wedding is your time to shine! Pick a dress that shows the world who you are. If you love the wedding dress, wear it. Remember, it’s your day!

Pick the date – Pick a day that is convenient for your family and friends to attend. You can often save on airfare, hotels, and the venue if you can be flexible with your wedding date. When you call Today’s Memories, don’t just ask if a specific date is available, instead, ask about the availability of a month or even a season. One weekend might already be booked, but the next weekend might be open.

Select a menu – When guests attend a catered event, they expect dry, tasteless food and small portions. Amaze them by providing a feast! Today’s Memories offers four delicious menus that will have your guests raving about the best meal they have ever had!

Contact Today’s Memories! – Our knowledgeable staff can help to answer any questions you might have about your wedding day. Feel free to contact us at Today’s Memories. Give us a call at (806) 622-3331 or visit us in person at 16000 South Georgia St. in Amarillo, Texas.